South Africa Kenilworth on Wednesday 11/01/2017

Card Scratchings

Race Horse Name Comment
6 8 Jack And Jill Lame Off Hind
7 4 Gio Ponti's Legacy (AUS) Sold to Mauritius
7 8 Celtic Charm Clerk Of Scales
8 12 Pint Pot Clerk Of Scales

Equipment Changes

Race Horse Name Comment
3 2 Pergola Alumites On
5 9 In The Jungle Blinkers Off
8 5 Wake Up Maggie Tongue Tie On

General Information

Item Comment
Weather @08h00 Clear Skies; N/W wind - tail wind
Rainfall Last 24 Hours Nil
Rainfall Last 7 Days Nil
Irrigation Last 7 Days 30mm
Penetrometer Reading Average: 22 (Straight 22; Turn 21)
Track Condition Good
False Rail Summer Course: 2m out from 1700m mark; 4m spur

As at 27/02/2017 01:41:58